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Wild Life: 10 Wildy Crazy Things Only Vegas Brings

It is undeniable that Las Vegas Nevada is the home of the wild ones, famously known as the Sin City mainly because of the fact that you can do almost anything and everything without limits or judgement, sounds tempting right? Discover more about the wild things you can only do in Las Vegas.

Your Little Friend is not so friendly as it seems, because it is term used for a The Gun Store shooting range that allows you to shoot 50 rounds of AK47 for less than 40 dollars, they do not only have guns but a variety of weapons as well plus, kids can actually participate in the shooting range for a half a price, insane right?

The Cromwell Hotel is known for their suites that are equipped with a two-way mirror in the shower and connected to the bedroom such a naughty yet interesting view.

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things including exotic dishes that come from different parts of the globe and if one is persistent enough, wandering the corridors of The Cosmopolitan, they can actually locate a pizza place that serves Secret Pizza, discover more about this just click here.

The adult industry is well and welcome in Vegas, and as a matter of fact, every January there is a convention called The Adult Convention wherein fans have the chance to meet their idols.

Sin City indeed, with strips clubs post at every corner it is nothing unusual yet Adult Theatre is a different kind of booze as it gives the classic burlesque a naughty kick between the balls.

Las Vegas is home to many extravagant beaches and pools so there is nothing new to sunbathing, however, Vegas also delivers Topless Pools where anyone can take their top off and bathe without a care in the world, to find out read more here.

Let a Few Dicks Into Your Life is a code name for a Dick’s Last Resort, find out more info here, that not only caters good food and beverage but they also serve it with sarcasm, insult, and bullying to the plating.

Stock Up For The Apocalypse through The Zombie Apocalypse store in which they prepare you for the zombie invasion with products and necessities while battling the brain eaters through paintball.

Social clubs are also a thing in Vegas and a Swinger’s Club is the place for couples who like to seek a little role-playing together in which they are allowed to dress up in fancy clothes that are related to the theme.

If you opt for a stomach twirling action go for the thrill if jumping off the roof letting you fall 108 feet down, with safety equipment of course.